Category: Genshin

  • The First Cryo

    I just posted Kaeya’s Story Quest from really early on. Like Amber’s, it’s been 3 years but still no Act II. For those who think Act I was really shallow, maybe he doesn’t deserve an Act II anymore – or maybe more so.

  • Looking Back

    I am currently in the process of re-rendering 16 videos: Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa’s story quests and Chapter I Act IV (the Dainsleif interlude chapter); 4 languages each. This is because I just found out a few hours ago that the intro/title music gets cut instead of fading. It’s a minor quip but it’s very…

  • Done with Amber’s Story Quest

    Amber: Act I has been added to the list. Work on Chapter II: Prologue ongoing!

  • After Dainsleif

    Chapter I: Act IV (KR) is now available. Currently looking at starting the Mondstadt character quests…

  • Preparing for Inazuma

    I am currently working on Chapter I: Act IV (KR). I am really excited to get to work on the Inazuma (Chapter 2) and Perilous Trail (Interlude II) storylines! I am currently “stuck” on the Sumeru storyline so far on my main account since I had to stop playing early in 2023. When I saw…