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Hi and welcome to The Sidestream Network! My name is Archie, known online as honganqi. I am a technology solutionarian. I am also a full-stack web developer and software developer. My main tools are PHP, C#, Python, SvelteKit partnered with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I also create technology-related tutorials on YouTube! Please check out:

Let’s find solutions!

I have been creating solutions for all sorts of needs for more than 3 decades. These are my recent ones.


Browse from a broad range of tech-related tutorials from content creation to operating systems and programming.


I share my take on our current state of the world: technology, mental wellness, and others.


Check out my solutions to needs in the field of web systems and software.

Content & Repos

My content includes a wide variety of tech-related videos and tutorials and my repositories provide open-source solutions.

YouTube Content

  • Customize your streams
  • Learn how to program
  • and other out-of-the-box solutions tutorials!
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GitHub Repos

  • Attendance System
  • Genshin Wisher Redeems on Twitch
  • Local Stream Marker for OBS

If some of the things I did or made have made you smile, please feel free to send me a smile, coffee, pizza, a gamepad, t-shirt, or anything over at Buy Me A Coffee! Your support will help cover the time spent on these projects – and possibly get new equipment, too. Thank you!

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